Marvel's 'The Punisher' Recap Trailer Released by Netflix

The second season of Marvel's The Punisher is going to be released on Netflix sometime in January, [...]

The second season of Marvel's The Punisher is going to be released on Netflix sometime in January, though the exact release date has yet to be revealed. Still, we know that the new installment of the Jon Bernthal-starring series is just around the corner, and the streaming service is helping fans get prepared after the long hiatus.

On Friday, Marvel and Netflix released a new video on the official Punisher Instagram account, providing a recap of the entire first season.

The Instagram splits the video up into two separate slides, which combine to tell the story so far. You can check it out below!

"Reload and get ready for another round," reads the post.

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Reload and get ready for another round. #ThePunisher

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It's been more than a year since the first season of The Punisher debuted on Netflix, so fans have been waiting for quite a while to see the next chapter of Frank Castle's story. This could create some lofty expectations for the sophomore outing, but Marvel's Chief Creative Officer has promised fans that the new installment definitely delivers.

"Last year, this time, I was going around telling people like you [Punisher is] the best show we may have done," Quesada told during San Diego Comic-Con. "I think there were three fans on the floor, they were like, 'Come on, man.' I'm like, 'If you don't think it's the best show that we've done and if [Jon] Bernthal is not Frank Castle, I will pay your Netflix subscription for a year.' Never collected. Thank God."

While the return of The Punisher is certainly exciting, it also might come with some heartbreaking news for fans. With the contract between Marvel and Netflix set to end in 2019, Netflix has been cancelling its roster of Marvel originals. Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil, the show where Bernthal's Punisher first appeared, have all been axed by the streaming service. There's a good chance that, when the new seasons of The Punisher and Jessica Jones premiere in 2019, they will be cancelled as well.

Regardless of the outcome, we're all still hoping that the second season of The Punisher will be as exciting as the first.

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The second season of The Punisher arrives on Netflix in January.