Iron Man Star Robert Downey Jr. Explores the Future of A.I. in New Documentary Series

Over the past decade, Robert Downey Jr.'s take on Tony Stark/Iron Man has shown audiences a fantastical side of robotics and artificial intelligence. While Downey's time as the genius superhero already came to an end earlier this year, he's set to further explore the field in a whole new way with The Age of A.I., an upcoming documentary series that is headed to YouTube originals. On Thursday, Downey debuted a teaser trailer for the series, which you can check out below.

Across its eight episodes, The Age of A.I. takes a deep dive into the fascinating world of the most transformational technology in the history of humankind, per YouTube’s logline. Downey brings an irreverent enthusiasm and curiosity to the screen as the learning series takes an immersive look at artificial intelligence and its potential to change the planet. In each episode, viewers will meet the people on the front lines of A.I. – the scientists, innovators and dreamers who are shaping the future and the real people whose lives might be changed forever as technology races to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The premiere episode is set to follow Mark Sagar, an Oscar-winning special effects artist and co-founder of Soul Machines, a company that creates autonomously animated digital versions of its users (including Grammy winner and Black Eyed Peas member Future episodes will feature prominent figures including former NFL linebacker Tim Shaw, who is battling ALS, as he works with a team at Google to help restore his ability to communicate, testing the prototype of Project Euphonia for the first time.

The series is produced by Network Entertainment with Team Downey in association with Sonar Entertainment. Sean Foley, Yon Motskin, Emily Ford, Cory Lanier, Tom Lesinski, Paul Gertz, and Derik Murray serve as executive producers alongside Downey and Susan Downey. is a consulting producer with Evan Moore serving as a co-producer on the series.

The Age of A.I. isn't the only way that Downey is evoking Tony Stark in real life, as he announced the Footprint Coalition, an initiative to use robotics and A.I. to reverse the Earth's carbon footprint within a decade.

"Quick disclaimer, I don't pretend to understand the complexities we face as a species, just because I portrayed a genius in my professional life. My scholastic achievement peaked at a correctional finishing," Downey Jr. said during the announcement of the Footprint Coalition. "...Recently, I was at a table with super smart, impressive, expert folks about six months ago, and the following statement was made: 'between robotics and technology, we could probably clean up the planet significantly, if not entirely within a decade.' Being essentially a 54-year-old child, I said, 'Let's do it! Let's commit to a process, let's form a coalition.' And that did not inspire the reaction I expected. It was dead silence."


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The Age of A.I. will debut on YouTube on December 18th.