Ryan Reynolds Wonders How Disney And Fox Deal Would Affect 'Deadpool'

Disney buying Fox is by no means a sure thing, but if it does happen it could put Deadpool in a very interesting position.

Most were shocked when the news hit that Disney is in talks to purchase 20th Century Fox and that includes Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds shared the story with a very Deadpool caption. "If this is true, I wonder how the fudge it would affect Deadpool?"

It's a good question, and while there are no official answers, there are a few likely scenarios.

The first would actually greatly affect the Deadpool fans know and love. Disney's current Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite family friendly. Sure there are adult themes, but they are layered in such a way that you still won't feel guilty bringing your children to come see Captain America and Iron Man duke it out in Civil War.

That is certainly not the case with Deadpool, which excelled at the box office thanks to its unique blend of over the top action and sarcastic humor. It earned an R rating for a reason, but Disney rarely releases R-rated content these days, especially in their superhero universe. They could ask the team to bring the humor down to a PG-13 level, but odds are that wouldn't be a successful gambit.

The second and more likely scenario is that after purchasing the studio they just allow it to stay independent. That would allow Disney to still enjoy the benefits of Fox's R-rated content without hurting their more family-friendly brand. Movies like Deadpool, X-Force, Logan, and more could still exist, but would just be under the 20th Century Fox label exclusively.

That would also allow Disney to move over any characters to Marvel it chooses, including the core X-Men, while Fox is able to experiment with groups like the New Mutants and any other properties that need a harder edge.


If Disney didn't take the X-Men characters back completely for Marvel, the new ownership would at least make crossovers a possibility.

This deal is nowhere near done, and evidently has been off and on for several months. It is interesting to think about what could be though, and we'll keep you updated on any further developments.

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