Ryan Reynolds' Mom Takes Hugh Jackman's Side in the Marvel Stars' Bitter Feud

The social media war between Hugh Jackman and Reynolds rages on, but it was the former Wolverine star that has most recently claimed a decisive victory over his beloved frenemy. On Monday morning, Jackman posted a video to his social media accounts featuring himself and Reynolds, advertising his Laughing Man Coffee. Towards the end of the video, Jackman takes a shot at Reynolds, asking for fans to support Laughing Man over Aviation Gin, and bringing in Reynolds' own mother to take his side.

That's right, Ryan Reynolds' mother appeared in Jackman's video to help take a shot at her son, showing the world exactly where the Deadpool star gets his sense of humor from. This new ad is easily one of the funniest bits the two actors have engaged in to this point, and you can check it out in the video below.

The video begins with Jackman talking about the good that Laughing Man Coffee does for coffee farmers around the world. "This holiday season, every time you buy Laughing Man Coffee at Sam's Club, you'll be helping coffee farming communities around the world. The Laughing Man foundation invests in programs that clear the way to health and growth for coffee farmers and their families. And a special word for those who'd rather buy Aviation Gin, stop enabling this man. He's not my friend, he's not your friend, I'm pretty sure he's nobody's friend. Isn't that right, Ryan's mom?"

At that line, Reynolds' mom pops up on the screen and simply says, "That's right, Hugh." Of course, at the sight of his mom, Reynolds looks absolutely mortified. When he asks how that happened, Jackman replies, "She's staying with me."

One of the top replies to Jackman's tweet with the video is actually from Reynolds, demanding that Jackman let his mother go.


Of course, there is no actual hostility or kidnapping happening here. Reynolds and Jackman have long been friends, and use their hilarious feud to advertise for their respective companies and the good things those companies do for the world.

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