'Shazam!' Director Shares Single Display Also Promoting 'Captain Marvel'

You ever see one of those things on the side of the road that makes you really want to pull over and get a closer look?

That happened to Shazam! director David F. Sandberg, who stopped by a bus stop to take a short video of a wall that featured a Captain Marvel poster on one side and a Shazam! poster on the other.

You can see the post below.

The character currently known as Shazam was originally created as Captain Marvel -- a name that he had until 2011. Still, Marvel's Captain Marvel was introduced after the original trademark on the name held by Fawcett Comics lapsed, and after the '70s, all of the Billy Batson stories had to use Shazam rather than Captain Marvel in their titles.

You can get the lowdown on the difference here.

Sandberg recently said he hopes the big box office receipts the movie pulls in will be able to shut them up. He also recently made a joke on social media poking fun at the change:

“Will #Shazam use the @Shazam app in the @ShazamMovie?,” Fandom asked.

“Yes but in our movie it’s called Captain Marvel,” Sandberg replied.

Shazam! star, Zachary Levi, recently took to social media to condemn fans who were pitting the two movies against one another online and attacking Captain Marvel.

“I just found this out last night, and for anyone out there who thinks you’re doing me a favor, you’re doing Shazam! a favor, or you’re doing Warner Bros.— you’re not,” he said. “This is not helping anyone or anything.”

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, and Shazam! on April 5th.



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