How She-Hulk Could Lead to World War Hulk and Wolverine

Sometime within the next year, She-Hulk will arrive on Disney+ and officially introduce fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Jennifer Walters, the cousin of the Incredible Hulk — Bruce Banner. MCU mainstay Mark Ruffalo has been confirmed to appear in the movie, and recent rumors suggest Ruffalo is going to turn around and star in a solo World War Hulk film after the series hits streaming.

Since we are and all, let's look at how we might get from Point A to Point B, and then some. Perhaps along the way, it will even introduce one Wolverine to the mix, far before he's a member of the X-Men. You know, just like the comics.

We already know She-Hulk is going to give us three separate "Hulks" — the eponymous She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), Hulk/Bruce Banner (Ruffalo), and Abomination/Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth). But what if it doesn't stop there?

Somewhere out there in the MCU is Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson), who's very well on his way to becoming The Leader, another iconic Hulk villain. Keep in mind that due to the events of 2008's The Incredible Hulk, we know Sterns is in possession of synthetic Hulk blood.

Between Sterns and an angry Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt), who keeps getting his butt kicked, mind you — see the escape of Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow — perhaps we see them engineer more Hulks in an attempt to stop the Hulks we already know about. You already know Ross has had a stint as the Red Hulk. His daughter Betty (Liv Tyler) is even Red She-Hulk. That's not to forget other versions or variants — hey, thanks Loki — of the character like Maestro or Joe Fixit.

Say She-Hulk lays the groundwork by introducing several new Hulks. Chances are there's not a single government on the face of the planet that could corral them all. After all, Ross and the United States have a hell of a time bringing Hulk in every time he runs amok. 

And you have a solid premise for the World War Hulk movie right there. It would be a pivot from the comic it's inspired by — where Hulk himself levies war against Earth — but it'd be similar enough to pay respects to the name it uses. Instead of everyone verse Hulk, it'd be the world versus a bunch of Hulks. Chances are they'd need some extra help along the way, and that's where Wolverine could come into play.

The Hulks are busy ravaging Earth, so a coalition of countries funds the Weapon X program in an attempt to make super soldiers to hunt the Hulks down. That's how we could get Wolverine and a perfect live-action adaptation of The Incredible Hulk #181, the iconic comic issue that serves as Logan's first appearance.

Just like the comics.

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