She-Hulk Review Round-Up: What Did The Critics Think?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is getting ready to make its big debut on Disney+ later this week, so you know what that means, critics have a lot to say about Marvel Studios' latest offering. The series will introduce us to Bruce Banner / Hulk's cousin Jennifer Waters, aka She-Hulk, who also happens to be a lawyer. She-Hulk has been in mainstream media and even appeared in the animated Incredible Hulk series. Marvel Studios has been killing it with their Disney+ series and they're hoping to hit it out of the park with this one. Well according to's Jenna Anderson, it's a home run.

"Anchored by Maslany's mesmerizing and masterful performance, the series is unafraid to be genuinely authentic, gleefully weird, and downright clever in a way that's electrifying to watch," Anderson writers.

Most reviews for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law have been mostly positive as with most Marvel Studios offerings. Some critics are even praising the series for its fresh look at the MCU and its fourth wall-breaking.  You can check out what other critics have to say about the series below!


IndieWire's Proma Khosla had big praise for Maslany in the leading role, but felt the series struggles with finding its mark.

"There are a handful of promising bits all of which are amusing, but are either taken too far or not far enough, and thereby ultimately missing the sweet spot," Kohsla writes.


The Direct's Pamela Gores says the twists and turns are enough to keep audiences engaged, even if it is riddled with lawyer jargon.

"Despite the legal lingo tie-ins, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will undoubtedly win over audiences (jurors?) worldwide with its comedy, surprises around every corner, and overall feel-good tone," Gores writes.

Funniest MCU Show

Tech Radar's Tom Power mentions the jokes as a shining strength.

"She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is the funniest MCU show to date," Power writes. "But it's a series grounded in realism and relatability despite its place in a universe full of supernatural, cosmic, and ethereal elements."

Works for the Small Screen

The Verge's Charles Pulliam-Moore believes this character works for a television show, but might need changing for the movies.

"While Jen might need a new game plan if and when she ever makes the leap over to Marvel's films, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's approach to the bruiser works reasonably well for the small screen," Pulliam-Moore writes. "And it's almost certain to go down as one of Phase 4's more inspired entries."


IGN's Amelia Emberwing emphasizes that the comedy lands.

"Most important to the format the series has chosen, though, is the fact that it's freaking hilarious," Emberwing writes. "The fourth wall breaks aren't overused, and Jen's dry wit coupled with Bruce's earnestness give some real opportunity for humor that Gao and Coiro made sure to capitalize on."


Forbes' Jeff Ewing is hoping She-Hulk fulfills its potential in the back-half of the season.

"At the end we're left with a series that's, well, fine," Ewing writes. "This critic was hoping for much more, but your mileage may vary."


Empire's Sophie Butcher gave the series 4/5 stars, applauding Maslany in the starring role.

"Maslany is dripping with charisma and comedic timing," Butcher writes. "Which come through just as clearly when in Hulk form, indicating the strength of her mo-cap performance."


Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall notes that the show's style helps it stand out in the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"The self-aware sensibility and Maslany's performance help both She-Hulk and the series named for her carve their own place within the large and formulaic MCU apparatus," Sepinwall writes.

CGI Woes

Collider's Arezou Amin reveals that despite the VFX still needing work, it's not as persistent as many would have expected.

"The much-talked-about CGI for She-Hulk isn't perfect," Amin writes. "That tends to happen with short turnaround times and long work hours. The good thing is it's not all equally awkward looking, and the storytellers have gone out of their way to make sure that Jen appears onscreen in her human form more often than not."

Top 3

Tom's Guide's Henry T. Casey believes She-Hulk has potential to sit on a Disney+ podium.

"If She-Hulk sustains its quality and energy, it will definitely be a top three Marvel Disney Plus show (WandaVision and Ms. Marvel, in that order, are my top two at the moment)," Casey writes.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will begin streaming exclusively on Disney+ August 18, 2022!