She-Hulk Star Says Season 1 Only Gets "Better and Better"

Now that five episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law have been released, the Tatiana Maslany-led series has officially crossed its halfway point. Including this week's Episode 6, the show has four episodes left in its first outing. As Jameela Jamil tells's Jenna Anderson, the best on the series is yet to come.

"I'm just excited to make people laugh, as in for all of us to make people laugh, for all of us to make people think the story will continue to escalate. And Jessica Gao's writing just continues to get more and more impressive with every single episode," the actor says in a mid-season interview. "It just keeps getting better and better. And I think the fans are going to be really happy with what we've done. At least I hope they are. If not, we know that they'll let us know."

You can see our full interview with Jamil above.

One of the biggest plot threads yet to be seen is the return of Charlie Cox's Daredevil, which is set to come at some point later in the season.

"Oh man, it was so cool," She-Hulk director Anu Valia told us in regards to the Matt Murdock tease. "You read that in the script and you're like, 'Uh oh.' You read that and you're like, 'Okay, now nobody can touch this script. I'm so afraid that it's going to come up.' You're like, 'Okay, how do we shoot this? How do we...' You know what I mean? Sso it was very fun. And it was that moment that I was like, 'I better not leave the script anywhere.' I have it digitally on an iPad. But that was crazy. I was very happy to be able to contribute a little bit."

New episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will debut Thursdays exclusively on Disney+. If you haven't checked out Disney+ yet and you want to give it a go, you can do that here.

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