Sideshow's Thor 1:6 Scale Figure From Avengers: Infinity War Unboxed

Sideshow Collectibles has offered several different Thor figures through the years, especially since Chris Hemsworth made the character a household name in the form of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's live-action. Admittedly, I have not had a chance to experiment with most of the 1:6 scale figures based on the God of Thunder as I would like to. However, in looking at various Thor figures designed by Hot Toys, customization and alternate display looks never struck me as what the figure would boast. Thor seems like a fairly straightforward figure, right? Well, not in the case of Sideshow's 1:6 scale Thor figure from Avengers: Infinity War. The details and design are impressive but the customization abilities are where the lightning really strikes.

Packaged in a sleek box to match the look and style of Thor, the 1:6 scale figure offers the same exciting packaging as many other Hot Toys figures. The box itself is worthy of being displayed as Thor's face and some dark, neon blues glow from it. Sliding the cover off, the many features are seen inside, including the Thor figure itself and 8 interchangeable pieces which offer a look of electricity emitting from the character as per his exciting sequence in Wakanda. Interchangeable hands and sleeveless arms stand out but not as much as Stormbreaker.

An impressively crafted 1:6 size Stormbreaker axe is packaged at the top left of the plastic, beside Thor himself. It catches the eye immediately. From the intimidating craftsmanship of the axe itself to the touching detail of a Groot leaf being attached to the handle, Stormbreaker itself might just justify a purchase.

When the figure and all of its accessories are properly removed from the packaging, a battery pack is easily accessible on the back beneath the already attached cape. The cape and shoulder armor which it is attached to is removable, allowing it to be swapped with a version that has no cape, and the chest plates on Thor's royal armor can be swapped with one alternate, bulkier pair. The lightning effect can be added like buttons to his core area, illuminating the figure when switched on, and matching the glow-in-the-dark eyes for a really electric effect.

When posted up on its stand, eye patch or not, this Thor figure offers up the same impressive detail as any Hot Toys figure. For a collector and Marvel fan, that's often enough to want one. However, what is most impressive is how much time one can spend changing the look of the figure and swapping its parts. This 1:6 scale Thor figure can look like Thor as he head out to Nivadellir with Rocket and Groot, sleeveless and sad over the loss of his Asgardians, or he can look triumphant, royal, and ready to wreak havoc on some outriders in electrifying fashion.

For $267, the figure is fairly priced. Many figures designed by Hot Toys clock in far beyond this tag, some of which do not offer the same amount of customization. Sometimes those larger price tag will come with a fancy chair for display, extra lights, or a sidekick but this Thor figure is more enough on its own with everything it has to offer.


To look into getting this Thor figure for yourself, head over to Sideshow's official site. It is available now. If you have any questions of want to see more of this Thor figure, let me know on Instagam or Twitter.

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