Spider-Gwen's Canceled Disney Infinity Design Revealed

The youtube channel Infiniteer Adventures continues to reveal looks at the in-progress designs of Disney Infinity characters for the now-canceled game. There were several characters in the middle of being designed when it was canceled, and they've shown off looks at Doctor Strange, a Deluxe Hulk, and the Toy Box Artist choice of Peter Pan.

Now, they've revealed the concept design for the Spider-Gwen figure, which may seem like a surprising choice, as she hasn't been a part of Marvel Animation or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the team behind Disney Infinity and at Marvel loved the design of this breakout character - an alternate-reality Spider-Woman who is actually Gwen Stacy, receiving the spider-bite instead of Peter Parker - so much, they went forward with bringing her into the game. She would've been the fourth Spider-based figure for the game, after the original Spider-Man, Venom, and the Black Suit Spider-Man figures.

While Infiniteer Adventures was only aware of these two figures (Spider-Gwen and Doctor Strange) in development from the Marvel side of things, Comicbook.com's sources close to Disney Infinity say there were at least two more female characters from Marvel Comics in development, as developers recognized the massive disparity in the male to female superhero ratio there.

This is all in addition to at least one more planned Star Wars play set and several new Star Wars characters that as yet have not leaked, though most speculation is that the play set would have been themed to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story when it released in December.


Alas, seeing Spider-Gwen's design is likely to only make the hurt stronger for Disney Infinity fans, after its sudden cancellation broke hearts across the tight-knit community.