Spider-Man 3: Kevin Smith Shares Daredevil Rumor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a bit unclear about whether or not it includes the [...]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a bit unclear about whether or not it includes the characters who have previously been introduced on the small screen. Netflix, among other networks and streaming services, was home to a handful of Marvel heroes who all seem to have been cut from the MCU as Disney launched a streaming service of their own with an onslaught of shows on the schedule featuring characters previously introduced in the movies (plus, some new ones). However, one rumor shared by geek icon Kevin Smith has fans excited about the possible return of a beloved character from the Netflix pocket of the Marvel world.

"I heard another piece of good f-ckin' news," Smith said on his FatMan Beyond podcast. "Did you hear that Spider-Man, the new Spider-Man movie, gonna have a lawyer in it? Charlie Cox, they're bringing in as Matt Murdock. That's been the rumor online and they say that's like the one that like Marvel's like god damn it how did that get out?"

It is not uncommon for Smith to have insider info from his friends in Hollywood. However, looking carefully at what Smith said in this instance, it seems he is more sharing details of a rumor he had read online than he is sharing insider intel which is being whispered around film productions. Still, it's not unreasonable to hope that there is some substance to the rumor which Smith heard.

Do you think Marvel Studios should incorporate Cox as Daredevil in their films? Should the other Netflix characters like the Punisher, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist be brought into the mix? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter!

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