The Room's Tommy Wiseau Offers to Direct Spider-Man 4

Tommy Wiseau, the actor and filmmaker perhaps best known for The Room and being the subject of The Disaster Artist, wants to be involved in superhero movies. And, who can blame him, superhero movies are cool. Wiseau has notably pushed to play The Joker in a DC movie, most recently jokingly adding himself as the character to the cast list of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. But it seems that the DC universe isn't the only thing he's interested in. Wiseau's shooting his shot for Spider-Man 4 now, too.

In a post to Twitter on Tuesday, Wiseau shaed a photoshopped image of the Spider-Man logo with the Spider-Man 4 title over it and, above that "A Tommy Wiseau Film". Check it out below.

Now, it's pretty clear that this probably isn't a serious thing because, well, Spider-Man 4? It isn't happening. The next Spider-Man movie is going to be the 2021 Marvel/Sony Spider-Man with Tom Holland in the starring role. Spider-Man 4 is a reference to the Sam Raimi film that never was. That film entered development in 2007 but ultimately never saw the light of day with Raimi ultimately withdrawing from the project and the film was cancelled entirely in 2010.

Even though Spider-Man 4 never made it to screen, Raimi explained earlier this year that the missed opportunity continues to haunt him and he has regrets that he didn't make the film.

"I think about it all the time," said Raimi. "It's hard not to, because each summer another Spider-Man film comes out! So when you have an unborn one, you can't help but think what might have been. But I try to focus on what will be, and not look into the past."

He also talked about the influence horror films had on his Spider-Man films, as well as the energy of the early days of Marvel Comics.

"I was super-influenced by those movies, and I also loved the Hammer horror films. But I was more influenced by Stan Lee's comic books and the great artists like John Romita and Jack Kirby who told stories with visuals that had a real in-your-face, over-the-top presentation. I was trying to bring that kind of imagery to life in those Spider-Man films," Raimi explained.


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