Spider-Man: Far From Home International TV Spot Reveals New Footage

In just a few weeks, Peter Parker and his friends will be taking a journey to Europe for what's supposed to be a vacation in Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man: Far From Home. Unfortunately for the group of students, their trip is turned sideways thanks to a group of giant elemental creatures and a smooth-talking "hero" named Mysterio. This isn't at all the kin of vacation Peter wanted after waking up from the Snap in Avengers: Endgame, but he feels like he's got big shoes to fill with Iron Man out of the picture.

A new Chinese TV spot for Far From Home was released online Tuesday morning, showing off a bit of unseen footage from the film. You can check it out in the video above.

The TV spot begins with a lot of footage that we've seen before, but the back half lets fans in on a couple of previously untold secrets. For example, we now know what's going on with those glasses that Peter was seen wearing in the trailer, that just so happened to look a lot like Tony's shades. Many theorized that a hologram of Tony would appear in the glasses, sending a message to Peter. However, in one scene at the end of this spot, it reveals that Tony's A.I. assistant Friday is once again living within the tech. She helps Peter once he puts the glasses on, and he gets a little more information about his teachers and classmates than he initially bargained for.

This spot also reveals how Peter gets that new red and black suit. He's seen with Happy Hogan in a jet at one point, with the A.I. inside the vessel producing a new suit for him. It's likely that Peter was somehow without a suit, and some of the tech Tony left behind is able to help him craft a new one.

All of this, plus a couple of new shots of Spider-Man in action, make for an awesome way to start a Tuesday. Wouldn't you agree?


Spider-Man: Far From Home hits domestic theaters on July 2nd, though it's set to arrive in China a few days earlier, on June 28th.