Spider-Man: Far From Home Runtime Confirms a Major MCU Fan Theory

The official runtime for Spider-Man: Far From Home surfaced earlier today, and now that we know it [...]

The official runtime for Spider-Man: Far From Home surfaced earlier today, and now that we know it officially clocks in at 129 minutes, it confirms a popular fan theory about the entire slate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. After Avengers: Endgame ran for over three hours, one eagle-eyed Marvel fan noticed that if you added the runtime for every MCU movie together, you'd get an overall run time of 2,871 minutes. If you've done the math by now, you'll notice that when including Far From Home in the total, all 23 Marvel Studios movies add up to a total of 3,000 minutes.

And here we are, heartbroken again. While it could end up as nothing more than a coincidence, it would seem the team at Marvel Studios really tried hitting that mark for a tie-in to the now-iconic "I love you 3000" line from Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and Morgan (Lexi Rabe) Stark in Avengers: Endgame.

In a recent promotional bit for Far From Home, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige explained exactly what Far From Home's place in the MCU was, reiterating the Spider-Man sequel would serve as the official end to Marvel Studios' Phase Three slate.

"We've been working for many years on Infinity War and Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home," Feige said. "Those were the films that were culminating the entire Infinity Saga of the MCU. And as we were working on Endgame we realized that the true end of the entire Infinity Saga, the final film of Phase 3, had to be Spider-Man: Far From Home, because -- spoiler -- we lose Tony Stark at the end of Endgame."

"The relationship between Peter Parker and Tony Stark is so special over the five films that Tom Holland has portrayed Spider-Man in the MCU, that we needed to see where his journey went, and see how does Spider-Man step out of the shadow of his mentor, Tony Stark, and become the true hero that he was always meant to be," Feige continued. "And it's for that reason that Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home are essentially two pieces of the same story, and it's not over yet until Spider-Man: Far From Home."

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Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters July 2nd while Avengers: Endgame returns to theaters for a re-release this weekend. Captain Marvel is now available digitally and on home media wherever movies are sold.