Spider-Man: Homecoming Additional Villains Possibly Revealed By Toys

vulture spiderman

Marvel Studios only recently confirmed that the Vulture would be the new villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but a toy panel may have revealed that additional villains will be in the film. According to an attendee of the Diamond Select toy panel, panelists revealed that they wanted to make an entire line of action figures based on the upcoming movie, including figures based on the Tinkerer and the Shocker.

It should be noted these tweets came several hours before Vulture's official reveal at the Marvel Studios panel.

The Tinkerer was one of Spider-Man's first villains and appeared in the same issue as the Vulture's first appearance. He's a genius level inventor and often equips other supervillains with their various apparatuses of evil. The Shocker is one of Spider-Man's more bumbling foes, a petty crook with powerful wrist guantlets that emit vibrations. In recent years, the Shocker has been the subject of many jokes focusing on his ineptitude.

As filming is underway for Spider-Man: Homecoming, we'll probably learn more about the movie and its characters in upcoming months. Spider-Man: Homecoming will come out July 7, 2017.