Sony Just Revealed the Official Name for Their Spider-Man Marvel Movie Universe

Sony posted about their Spider-Man Marvel movie universe on social media and fans thought it was the official name for their output. It turns out the official name is the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. The official Spider-Man movie account posted an offer they're having with Amazon Prime to own all the films from the three different Spider-Men. They called it the Spider-Man Universe of Characters. (Anyone who had Spider-Verse in the poll is probably pretty upset.) This encompasses Tobey Maguire's Sam Raimi trilogy, Andrew Garfield's two Amazing Spider-Man movies, and Tom Holland's turn as the Wall-Crawler in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. For once, fans seem to be riding for all three actors and their take on Peter Parker. Later, IGN discovered that they should be called the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters

The account wrote on Twitter, "Join Spider-Man and all his friends while you swing through all the films from the Spider-Man Universe of Characters! Complete your #SpiderMan movie collection with this limited-time @PrimeVideo offer!"

Spider-Man news has been all over the place in recent weeks with studios moving films due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sony announced that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse fans would have to wait a little bit longer for the sequel to the animated smash hit. It's now slated for a release on October 7th. 2022. If that weren't enough, the studio also moved its Uncharted movie into the summer release date usually occupied by Holland's Spidey movies. Spider-Man 3 will now swing into theaters in October of 2021. When those reveals hit social media, fans lost their minds over the changes.

With rumors that Holland's version of the character will pop up in Venom 2. Things could be heading for a bit of convergence down the line. Sony saw how much potential there was for a Spider-Verse featuring the live-action versions of these characters after the animated one was a runaway hit. Could more of that be coming? Possibly, but it's hard to tell right now. There are only references and Easter eggs to go off of right now. A lot of the Raimi elements, like the Daily Bugle logo, for instance, are popping up on the sets of these other movies. But, at least if it happens now, the shared universe definitely has a name.


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