Doctor Strange 2 Theory Could Explain Spider-Man's MCU Exit

There's a good chance that, by the time the next Spider-Man movie rolls around, Marvel Studios and [...]

There's a good chance that, by the time the next Spider-Man movie rolls around, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige will no longer have any part in bringing the web-slinging hero to life. Sony and Disney recently reached a stall in negotiations over the Spider-Man film rights, and if nothing changes in the coming month, Sony will go back to sole ownership of the character, meaning Tom Holland's Peter Parker will no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While that's certainly disappointing, one fan has an idea for a Spider-Man/MCU exit scene that would make a ton of sense and help launch the solo Spidey films for Sony at the same time.

A Reddit user named RusVir posted a theory to the Marvel Studios subreddit on Thursday, explaining a brilliant way for Spider-Man to seamlessly leave the franchise, and it all centers around Doctor Strange.

There are two things to remember before diving into this theory. First, remember that Spider-Man is currently on the run, as Far From Home ended with J. Jonah Jameson revealing his identity to the entire world and painting him as a dangerous criminal. Second, remember that the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel is called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and is going to be opening up the MCU to the multiverse.

The idea here suggests that Sony and Marvel work things out for one additional scene, allowing Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Marisa Tomei's Aunt May to appear in the post-credits scene of the new Doctor Strange. Peter needs an escape and reaches out to Strange for help, and the Sorcerer Supreme tells him about a universe that's almost exactly like theirs but doesn't have a Peter Parker. There also aren't any Avengers or any of their extraordinary threats. He will have to leave the people he loves behind, but it will keep him and May safe. (There's also an extra piece of the theory that suggest Ben Reilly exists in this alternate universe, but that could go either way.)

So, with seemingly no better option, Peter takes a long look back at his universe and walks through the portal. When he arrives in the alternate universe, he learns that there are threats that Strange didn't mention, including Venom and Carnage, so he continues his work as Spider-Man to try and stop these new enemies.

This is obviously a long-shot of a theory for Peter's MCU exit, but it's easily the best one floating around online. Do you think it would work? Let us know in the comments!