'Miles Morales: Spider-Man' Writer Saladin Ahmed Has Perfect Response to Racist Backlash

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 hits stands this week with story by Miles Morales: Spider-Man writer Saladin Ahmed and while Ahmed is an acclaimed storyteller more than capable of telling an "untold story" about everyone's favorite webslinger there are those who take issue with the situation -- specifically Ahmed's race. Now, Ahmed has a perfect response to the racist backlash.

In a post on Twitter, Ahmed shared an image of the cover to his upcoming issue along with some cleverly re-worded lyrics to the infamous Spider-Man theme song. You can check the post out below.

saladin ahmed spider-man tweet
(Photo: Saladin Ahmed/Twitter)

He followed the main tweet up with an explanation that he gets terrible comments daily from people about his race and comics as well as that it "feels good to be able to just say out loud 'I'm writing good comics that people like and getting bigger and bigger gigs because of it so you can go stew in the f*cking corner'". He ultimately muted the thread because of continued trolls but thanked those who supported him -- who made up the majority of the responses.

Ahmed is right in that his profile is rising due to the quality of work he is putting out. His 2012 novel "Throne of the Crescent Moon" was nominated for a Hugo Award while his run on Black Bolt won the 2018 Eisner for Best New Series. Still, despite his work Ahmed and many other comics creators who fall outside of the "white male" category experience a lot of backlash from those who don't feel like they have a place telling the stories of iconic characters such a Spider-Man.

And some of that backlash is aimed at not just the creators, but at the characters and comics themselves. Diverse characters, such as Marvel's female Thor (Jane Foster), Asian-American Hulk (Amadeus Cho), female Iron Man (Riri Williams), and even Hispanic Spider-Man (Miles Morales) have had some push-back. However, despite the backlash and harassment diverse characters and creators have important roles within comics, especially as the fanbase itself becomes more and more diverse. It's something that Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan co-creator Sana Amanat talked about in an interview late last year.

"We've accomplished quite a bit, but we have a ways to go," Amanat said. "We have to promote the diverse characters across the platforms in different formats. We are bringing in creators of different backgrounds to tell stories from a different point of view, particularly the minority characters."

Of course, when it comes to Ahmed's work, if the racist backlash he's been receiving was meant to somehow damage his work it appears to have had the opposite effect. Many responded to his epic tweet that they would be buying the issue when it hits stands Wednesday -- including those who haven't bought comics in years.

"I haven't been in a comics store in years but that might change because this is f*cking spectacular," one user wrote.


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Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 goes on sale Wednesday, September 19.