Jon Bernthal On Who’d Win Between Spider-Man And The Punisher

The Marvel Universe has pit most of its heroes against one another at some point, but fans still like to fan-cast their battles. Recently, Jon Bernthal addressed whether the Punisher could take down Spider-Man, and the actor had a rather direct answer.

The proposal went down this weekend at Salt Lake City Comic Con. The actor appeared at the event to talk about his Marvel gig, and Bernthal was asked if his character would win against Spider-Man. Bernthal, who helped Tom Holland with his Spider-Man auditions, seemed confident Frank Castle would win the match.

“Oh, come on,” the actor could be seen mouthing. “Come on.”

If Bernthal’s exaggerated shoulder shrugs mean anything, it is that Punisher would takedown Spider-Man without any problems.

In an alternate timeline, Spider-Man has been killed by the Punisher, but the Marvel Universe has isn’t quite so straight-forward with its main continuity. The Punisher’s debut even saw Frank go up against Spider-Man decades ago. Amazing Spider-Man #129 saw Frank step to Peter Parker out of nowhere. The Punisher did an admirable job tracking Spider-Man down, but Peter managed to take Frank down thanks to his strength and Spider-Sense.

In an impromptu match, it would be hard for the Punisher to win against Spider-Man. The latter hero may be young, but his enhanced biology and lithe figure makes him more agile than Frank. When that power combines with Peter’s Spider-Sense, the hero has a good chance at evading the Punisher’s close- and long-range attacks.


Still, an MCU match-up may go a bit different right now. Spider-Man is very much green in the franchise, and the Punisher has years of tactical know-how behind him. A fight between the pair would be more nuanced if it happened on the big screen, so who do you think would win? Hit us up on Twitter @ComicBook to let us know!

The Punisher will hit Netflix sometime this year.

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