Stan Lee Supports Elon Musk, Calls For "Fake News" Accountability

Elon Musk's criticism of the media and so-called 'fake news' has gained a new supporter in Stan [...]

Elon Musk's criticism of the media and so-called "fake news" has gained a new supporter in Stan Lee.

The legendary comic creator took to Twitter -- his social media platform of choice lately -- to show his agreement with the Tesla CEO, saying that the media needs to be held accountable. Especially one outlet in particular.

"I agree with @elonmusk that the media should be held accountable to tell the truth," Lee wrote. "Many reporters are honest but Fake news outlets like Hollywood Reporter should not be spreading lies. Go Elon!"

To provide a bit of context for, well, all of this there are a few pieces of background to dig into. Elon Musk has been on what some have termed a Twitter rant against the media for a little while going so far as to announce that he would be starting a website to allow the public to evaluate and rate the honesty and trustworthiness of reporters and media companies. Then, Musk retweeted a link to an article on Saturday with the endorsement that "This analysis is excellent." The article, which determined that The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times were "slanted" with bias, ended up being linked to NXIVM -- the alleged sex cult Smallville star Allison Mack was recently arrested in connection with. Musk has since deleted the endorsement after being alerted to its problematic links.

As for Lee's specific call out of The Hollywood Reporter, there's backstory there as well. Last month, The Hollywood Reporter published a report alleging that Lee is a victim of elder abuse at the hands of those closest to him, including dark and disturbing accounts that Keya Morgan, Lee's daughter J.C., and two other men, have worked together to not only control Lee's finances, but access to the former Marvel editor as well.

Lee has denied these claims and earlier this month posted that he had finally gained control over his own Twitter account, though some of Lee's recent posts -- requesting fan mail from Mars and Jupiter, announcing he wants to be President of the world -- and now this support for Musk have some concerned that Lee isn't in control of his account at all. While many fans responded favorably to Lee's post supporting Musk, many felt like it raised questions about who is really behind the account as they felt it wasn't Lee writing for himself -- especially with the specific slamming of The Hollywood Reporter.

The tweet is just the latest chapter of what has been a worrisome chain of events surrounding Lee. In addition to the elder abuse allegations, Lee has had some significant legal woes. He recently filed a $1 billion lawsuit against his former production company, POW! Entertainment, has been the victim of significant financial theft and has even been accused of sexual misconduct -- all of this on top of concerns for his well-being after he appeared to struggle to function during a recent convention appearance.

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