Stan Lee Makes Twitter Return With One Touching Video Message

It's been an interesting few days for legendary comic creator Stan Lee when it comes to social media. Lee announced a few days ago that he had written his first real tweet for himself then, earlier today, he wrote that someone had hijacked his other social media and appealed to fans to help him get the accounts back. Now, Lee has shared a video thanking fans for their help and support.

In the short video, Lee appears to be in good spirits as he thanks fans for their support and kind comments on Twitter, telling them that he wants to keep the "great relationship" going. You can see the video below.

"I just want to tell you that I love your comments on Twitter," Lee said. "I don't know how much I've been missing now that I see them, and I just want you to know I appreciate everything that you say and do. I love you all and let's keep up this great relationship. Excelsior!"

Given some of the complicated and distressing news surrounding Lee in recent months, seeing him in the video is sure to be a relief for some fans. In addition to his social media challenges today, news broke that Lee is suing his former production company POW! Entertainment and its current executives for a staggering $1 billion with the suit alleging that CEO Shane Duffy and Gill Champion tricked him into signing legal papers giving away exclusive rights to his name, image, and likeness. The lawsuit also claims that Duffy and Champion may have simply forged Lee's signature.

On top of that, Lee has been robbed, faced accusations of sexual assault as well as been the subject of claims that he's become the victim of concerning elder abuse -- some of it alleged to be by his daughter. Lee also fired his longtime business manager and sued Jerardo Olivarez for a few million dollars, claiming that he coordinated with several other outsiders to steal $300,000 from Lee before illegally buying real estate under his name. There have also been concerns about Lee's well-being, though this video seems to show him in good shape, a stark contrast to video taken of him at Silicon Valley Comic Con earlier this year.

Even with all of the ups and downs recently, it's certainly good to see Lee in good spirits and if there is one thing certain it's that Lee's fans will continue to stick by him.

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