Stephen Colbert Grows Tony Stark Mustache And Beard To Support Billionaire Heroes

Stephen Colbert with Tony Stark facial hair

Returning form a week off for the Memorial Day holiday, The Colbert Report aired last night and host Stephen Colbert looked a bit different. Colbert was sporting facial hair that comic book movie fans may find familiar. Colbert's guest last night was Thomas Piketty, the author of the much talked about new book Capital, which is a comprehensive look at economic practices around the world. The book suggests that a free market economy needs to tax its wealthiest citizens significantly more, up to 80 per cent. In response, Colbert grew the same moustache and beard seen on Tony Stark in the Iron Man and Avengers films. "I grew this in solidarity with my personal friend, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark," Colbert said. "You see, if Piketty had his way and Tony was coughing up 80 per cent in taxes, suddenly he's not a billionaire anymore and can't afford to be Iron Man. Then who's saving New York from the Chitauri invasion, Hawkeye? Yeah, after he gets there on the bus." You can see the full segment below.

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