Ryan Reynolds Appears in Taylor Swift's New Video, But She Got Him Mixed Up on Twitter

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift debuted her highly-anticipated new single, 'You Need to Calm Down,' [...]

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift debuted her highly-anticipated new single, "You Need to Calm Down," which sent social media into a tailspin. Just about every new song or video from Swift has that effect, but this one became an even bigger talking point because of its LGBTQ advocacy, and its star-studded music video. There were several prominent celebrities featured in the video, including Katy Perry, Jonathan Van Ness, and Ryan Reynolds. The artist took to Twitter after the video was released to offer shout-outs to those who made an appearance in the project, but she ended up drawing attention to a different Ryan Reynolds.

Yes, there is another Ryan Reynolds out there. Instead of tagging the Deadpool star, Swift tagged a sports director for Courier & Press who lives in Evansville, Indiana. 83.5 million followers got redirected to the account of a local journalist, but he certainly isn't complaining about it.

"It happens all the time, honestly," journalist Reynolds told Page Six this week. "Gwen Stefani did it a few months ago and was really sweet about it when it was pointed out to her. Richard Marx, Oprah and plenty of other celebrities have done it, too."

Reynolds when on to explain that everyone usually has a sense of humor about the mix-ups. "The cool thing is that the vast majority of people who respond get it and think it's hilarious. The world's still full of people with a good sense of humor."

After realizing he was mistakenly tagged in the video, journalist Reynolds tweeted at Swift, joking that she had the wrong guy but that he was still a big fan of her music.

"So uh, [Taylor Swift]," he wrote. "I appreciate the shoutout but you're looking for [Ryan Reynolds]. PS: I'm a big fan. Especially 'Style' and 'Shake It Off.' Seriously. Ask my teenage sons. I sing along in the car. I'm so old and lame."

Swift eventually deleted the original tweet and created a new message, tagging the correct Ryan Reynolds the second time around.