The Flash's Jordan Fisher Wants to Play Marvel's Johnny Storm

The Fantastic Four is coming to the MCU, eventually. The film, which is set to be directed by Jon Watts, is currently in development with Marvel Studios with a release date to be announced. But while the film may still be a good bit in the future, many are already both speculating as to who should be cast in the much-anticipated film - and some actors are shooting their shot to be part of it as well. One of those actors is The Flash's Jordan Fisher. The Bart Allen actor took to Twitter on Tuesday to let it be known that when it comes time for the Fantastic Four, he'd like to be Johnny Storm.

In the tweet, Fisher shared a GIF from 2005's Fantastic Four featuring Chris Evans' Johnny Storm/Human Torch with the caption "hey @Kevfeige lmk when you're ready for the end of phase 4."


The idea that Fisher is interested in playing Johnny Storm isn't exactly a surprise. The actor told earlier this year that, outside of his current superhero role of Bart on The CW's The Flash, he'd love to play The Riddler on the DC side of things and Johnny Storm on the Marvel side.

"I think that'd be a lot of fun," Fisher said of The Riddler before opening up about his Marvel dream character. "And then, in the Marvel space, I think that playing Johnny Storm would be sick."

For now, Fisher is set to return as Bart in Season 8 of The Flash, and Fisher said that he genuinely loves that character as well.

"We'll see what happens over there," Fisher said. "But at the end of the day, at the end of the day I am in love with Bart. I am in love with Bartholomew. I really am. he is just the coolest, sweetest, most compassionate superhero, I think personally, ever. The dude is, he's just got the biggest heart and he will throw his life on the line and he'll do it with flair. And that is awesome to me."

The Flash returns on Tuesday, November 16th with the kick off to the 5-episode event "Armageddon" at 8/7c on The CW.

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