'The Gifted': Emma Dumont Pushing for Polaris' Classic Look

One of the stars of The Gifted is hoping to get a more classic version of her character’s look [...]

One of the stars of The Gifted is hoping to get a more classic version of her character's look for at least one scene during the series.

ComicBook.com spoke to Emma Dumont about her role as Lorna Dane, aka the Mutant Underground leader Polaris on the Fox series. It turns out that Dumont would really like to wear Polaris' metallic headdress from the comics and she even has an idea of how the show can pull it off.

"I will say, we have a telepath on our show, now," Dumont noted. "So I'm hoping, I've been trying to convince our showrunner, Matt Nix, to give me the signature Polaris headpiece, but there hasn't been an instance where she's needed it. But, I'm hoping Esme reads me so that I can get my helmet."

Polaris' metallic headdress is a visual motif that signifies the connection between herself and her father Magneto, who is known for his metal helmet. Using Polaris' own metal headgear in a telepathic scene to signify that connection on The Gifted makes a certain amount of sense, especially since Dumont also told ComicBook.com that Polaris's connection to her father is something that will be on display in the final few episodes of the show's first season.

"Coming up in the season, and specifically episodes 12 and 13, our finale episodes, Polaris struggles with...she thinks there are two paths," Dumont said. "What she believes and what she wants, what her personal beliefs are and what she thinks is right, and then the other path is what she was born to do, which is be Magneto's daughter, which is to take over his legacy. But what Lorna doesn't realize is those two things are exactly the same, and she finally does realize that eventually in the season, later on, and that really terrifies her."

With the Strucker children now in the custody of Sentinel Services, Polaris may have a chance to let the traits she inherited from her father shine as the Mutant Underground considers its next step in The Gifted's midseason finale.

The Gifted's midseason finale episode, "eXploited,' airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.