'The Gifted': "eXploited" Preview Released

Fox has released a new sneak preview of next’s week’s fall finale episode of The Gifted, titled “eXploited.”

Following the events of “outfoX,” in which Sentinel Services finally caught up with the Mutant Underground and captured Blink, Dreamer, Andy, and Lauren, the fall finale episode sees the group debating their next move. Polaris seems ready to go in guns blazing, but it looks like Reed is willing to reach out to an unlikely former friend, Sentinel Services agent Jace Turner, for assistance.

Check out the preview above.

ComicBook.com recently spoke to The Gifted star Emma Dumont about her character, Polaris, and Dumont says Polaris has no problem using force against those who would persecute mutants.

“In the upcoming episode she's sort of is more on that track,” Dumont says. “She wants to figure this out, she wants to hunt them down, and to be honest, Lorna wants to kill them. Lorna believes wholeheartedly that one evil life is worth killing if it saves many, many, many innocents. Is she right? Is she wrong? I'm not to say, because I've never been in that situation where I feel the need to kill someone, but in her case, yes. I mean, you know, Lorna kind of thinks like, ‘Oh, if I have a chance to kill Hitler, shouldn't I do it?’ And yes, she does. She does go out and do it. Those are just her political views, going on in the season after finding out this new information. So, yeah, that's what's upcoming.”

Following the fall finale, The Gifted will return in January with one more episode before the two-hour season finale. Dumont teased some major revelations involving Marvel’s most popular mutants, the X-Men, in the finale.


“For many episodes, we kept saying, ‘The X-Men chose us, the X-Men chose us,’ Dumont told ComicBook.com. “We find out now, the X-Men specifically chose Lorna and Johnny, Thunderbird and Polaris. They chose them. I don't know if it's because of their lineage, or if they have had their powers for a long time. You know, yeah, maybe their family histories, I'm not sure, but they chose them for some reason. Thunderbird had an easy time with it. He accepted the role of leader. He's from the military, he knows what it's like to lead, he knows what it's like to save lives.”

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.