[SPOILER] Dies in 'The Mighty Thor' #706

The latest issue of The Mighty Thor served as a fitting bridge between the old and the new -- but that doesn't mean that the issue was without its casualties.

Spoilers for The Mighty Thor #706 below!

The issue saw the fallout of Jane Foster's sacrifice, which had appeared to lead to her heartbreaking death in the issue before. Jane spent a lot of this issue debating whether or not to make the leap into Valhalla, because she felt she had a lot more to give in her life.

Through harnessing some magic, Thor and Odin were able to bring Jane back to life. And once she had returned, she discovered something new in the process.

In the next scene, Thor and Jane walked around Old Asgard, where Jane revealed that she needed to focus her life on beating her cancer. But before she left, she gave Thor a present - a small chunk of Mjolnir, which had exploded and essentially made Jane die in the issue prior.

Thor was barely able to lift the chunk of Mjolnir, something that he argued proved he was unworthy of being a hero. But as Jane explained, Thor now had the opportunity to prove that he was a hero without the hammer.

mighty thor 706 mjolnir dead
(Photo: Marvel Comics)
mighty thor 706 mjolnir dead 2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

In a way, the loss of Mjolnir puts the new Thor series in a pretty perfect spot, one that weirdly mirrors the God of Thunder's MCU counterpart post-Thor: Ragnarok. The first cover for Thor #1 even alluded to this happening, with Thor swinging a what appeared to be a wide array of new weapons.

“On the one hand, I still feel like I’m writing the same Thor story that began six years ago in the pages of Thor: God of Thunder #1." writer Jason Aaron said when the book was unveiled. “But at the same time, God of Thunder had a very different look and feel and focus than Jane Foster’s story. And even though Thor Odinson is now reclaiming his mantle, this new volume will also be going in a very different direction. Thor has a completely new status-quo. Actually the entire landscape of his corner of the Marvel Universe has been changed in the wake of the ‘Death of the Mighty Thor’ arc in Mighty Thor. But there’s still a War of the Realms raging, and Thor isn’t looking to stand on the sidelines.”


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The Mighty Thor #706 is available now.