Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Reveals His First Job Was Cleaning Out Breast Pumps

Chris Hemsworth, known by many for playing Thor Odinson from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to play a game of "True Confessions" with host Jimmy Fallon and Kumail Nanjiani. During the course of the game, Hemsworth revealed that his first job, in fact, was cleaning out breast pumps. To be specific, the kind that humans use.

The rules of the game are simple: there are three envelopes in front of each player containing confessions that may be true or false. One player reads their confession out loud, and then the other two have 45 seconds to interrogate the confessor. At the end of that 45 seconds, the two interrogators must determine whether they believe the confessor to be lying or telling the truth.

Ultimately, Hemsworth goes first with his "I cleaned out breast pumps" confession, and after interrogating him, Nanjiani and Fallon decide that he's taken a kernel of truth from working on a farm and slightly altered it in order to lie. Not so, unfortunately for them; Hemsworth claims it is true.

"My first job was cleaning out breast pumps," Hemsworth states. "That was your first job?" Fallon immediately asks. After further questions, Hemsworth notes that they sometimes required repairing too. "You repaired breast pumps at 14?" Nanjiani asks incredulously. You can watch the full exchange in the video above.


Fallon and Nanjiani takes turns afterwards, but nothing really compares to Hemsworth's turn at bat. That includes Nanjiani admitting to attempted murder, which certainly came close. In the end, however, both Hemsworth and Fallon guessed Nanjiani's correctly, whereas Hemsworth was the only one to fool both of his counterparts.

Hemsworth and Nanjiani can be seen in the currently playing Men in Black: International. Hemsworth also stars in Avengers: Endgame, which is still playing.