Why Thor: Love and Thunder Cut Jeff Goldblum, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey Revealed

Thor; Love and Thunder has drummed up reactions all across the board from moviegoers following its successful opening weekend at the box office. Regardless of whether fans loved it or hated it, many have had the same reaction since hearing Christian Bale reveal he had filmed scenes as Gorr with Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster and Peter Dinklage as Eitri. Audiences are curious about those sequences and wishing to have seen them. Now, Thor 4 director Taika waititi has opened up cutting those scenes and the sequences with Game of Thrones alum Lena Headey.

"I wrote the thing so when you cut anything it's a little bit of a challenge to yourself because you're like, 'Am I not that good? Should I have seen this coming?' But every film I've done I've probably cut the same amount out. When you go into the edit you just never know," Waititi told Insider. "A scene on its own could be the most funniest thing or intriguing thing, but sometimes those things if you keep them in will just make the movie screech to a halt. So you have to do what's best for the film."

One can only assume these sequences saw Bale's Gorr butchering the characters portrayed by Goldblum and Eitri but nothing has been revealed about the sequences, just et. According to Waititi, there is no ill will from the actors who have had their sequences in the Thor film removed from the theatrical version. "If you ask any of those actors who were cut out – Jeff Goldblum, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage – they all understand how it works," he said. "They have been in the game long enough. But that's just the way I look at things." Still, Headey's former management isn't quite as easy-going about the situation, seeing as they are suing the actress over the cut role.

The sequences with Goidblum, Dinklage, and Headey don't seem to be destined for a Snyder Cut situation. No matter how much fans might try to rally and see more footage from Thor: Love and Thunder's production, Waititi has no interest in releasing the scenes. "I'm not going to give you a moment because this is my way of telling you, like, people say, 'I can't wait for the deleted scenes with those actors,'' Waititi said. "I don't want people to see the deleted scenes because they're deleted for a reason: They aren't good enough. The scenes were not in the movie and that's it."

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