Thor: Love and Thunder Writer Reveals Pivotal Scene Was Added During Reshoots

After starring alongside Chris Hemsworth in the first two Thor movies for Marvel Studios, Natalie Portman was absent for Thor: Ragnarok. Once sentence from Thor in the movie explained that he and Jane had broken up, and hinted that he wasn't exactly happy about it. The couple reunited this year in Thor: Love and Thunder, and fans finally got to see how their relationship evolved and what led to their breakup. According to the film's writer, however, the montage showing the events of that relationship wasn't added until later on in the production process.

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson wrote Thor: Love and Thunder alongside director Taika Waititi, but she credits Waititi for the montage of Thor and Jane's love story. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Robinson explained that the sequence critical to their relationship was added during reshoots.

"That was all Taika. That was something Taika conceived of in additional photography and they shot after they shot principal," Robinson said. "There was definitely a lot of back and forth on what happened. What do we want to show? It was not just conversations with Taika, but conversations with Chris and Natalie. Really trying to flesh out, 'How much do we want to show? How much of it is ex-girlfriend vs. Mighty Thor?' Really trying to find the balance across the board of what is Jane's story and what should be the focus? Something that came to the surface was wanting to know more about the past of that relationship."

Jane and Thor weren't the only characters in Thor: Love and Thunder, and the film had the difficult job of balancing a lot of individual storylines. Robinson went on to address how Waititi aimed to balance it all out.

"All of it is so in the ethos in the Taika Waititi school of screenwriting and really wanting it to feel inclusive across the board and for every character to be able to shine and subvert it in unexpected ways," the writer explained. "There are moments where Val and Jane look at Thor, especially when he blasts out of the town hall and walks back in. 'What are you doing?' And later, for Jane to have those moments. It's about giving each character a space to shine comedically without making that character the butt of the joke. That is what Taika does so well. Being able to create a space where everyone feels like they can laugh at each other, but it's never malicious. It's never meanspirited."


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