'Thor: Ragnarok': Very Different Valkyrie Concept Art Revealed

Like any film, Thor: Ragnarok went through its share of costume redesigns before hitting on the final product as seen on the silver screen. While we've already seen one alternative version of Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie, designer Andy Park recently revealed an even earlier concept idea for the character.

Park took to Twitter on Sunday to share his interpretation of director Taika Waitit's early idea for Valkyrie and as you can see in that tweet below, it's a very different look than anything we've seen before, including the previous alternate armored costume.

"Early idea Taika had of her being hooded w/mask & w/mace gauntlets," Park wrote and as you can see in the images shared that mask makes a dramatic difference in what the character looks like in the film. Other than the hood and face-obscuring mask, the largest difference is the lack of armor in the body of the suit. This early concept, even for the mace gauntlets -- which are pretty amazing -- has an overall softer, more flowing look to it. This version also has a darker, more goth-like aesthetic that may have been a little more fitting considering we meet Valkyrie on Sakaar, a world known for being the dump for all the trash in the universe in addition to the Grandmaster's fights.

This alternative look's aesthetic is also closer to that of Cate Blanchett's Hela, which may also explain why Valkyrie's look underwent some changes before getting to the lighter-hued and more functional armor she's seen wearing in Thor: Ragnarok. Of course, that more functional armor may not have been the most comfortable. Thompson explained during a set visit earlier this year that while all the designs were detailed, wearing it was a little bit challenging.

"The designs are incredible," she said. "I mean, they're, they're so detailed," Thompson said. "This [costume] is made entirely with plastic, so it's not the most comfortable thing ot wear but Ithink it's really strong and, and gives a really bold look and is something that later in the film in the third act that it becomes kind of a centerpiece of Valkyrie at that moment."


Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters now.