Full 'Thor: Ragnarok' Script Released Online

Walt Disney Studios has released the full Thor: Ragnarok screenplay online.The script, by writers [...]

Walt Disney Studios has released the full Thor: Ragnarok screenplay online.

The script, by writers Eric Pearson and Craig Kyle & Christopher L. Yost, is released as part of a "for your consideration" campaign for Best Adapted Screenplay.

"[Director Taika Waititi] and screenwriters Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle and Christopher L. Yost know how to balance stakes and silliness, which is exactly what this movie needs," reads a quote by The Wrap critic Alonso Duralde.

Pearson makes his feature writing debut with Ragnarok, having penned several episodes of since-cancelled Marvel series Agent Carter and several Marvel One-Shot short films, all taking place in the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Comics writers Kyle and Yost, who have scripted Marvel animated features and cartoons, team for the latest entry out of the MCU. Yost previously co-wrote 2013's Thor: The Dark World.

The Thor threequel drastically revamped both its eponymous character and his franchise: a calculated move by Hemsworth and franchise newcomer Waititi, the pair wanting to inject more fun and humor into the oft-Shakespearean series.

The retooling paid off handsomely, earning Thor his highest-grossing solo movie yet and Marvel Studios' its 17th consecutive #1 box office opening.

Ragnarok, for a time the highest-ever rated Marvel movie on Rotten Tomatoes, has since earned $849 million at the worldwide box office.