Chris Hemsworth Convinced Marvel To Film 'Thor: Ragnarok' In Australia

Thor: Ragnarok might take audiences to the furthest regions of the cosmos, but Chris Hemsworth [...]

Thor: Ragnarok might take audiences to the furthest regions of the cosmos, but Chris Hemsworth wanted to make sure it was filmed close to home.

In a recent statement, Hemsworth revealed that he actually asked Marvel Studios if the project could film in Australia, and was surprised once they said yes.

"I asked if we could shoot in Australia, and thankfully the Marvel guys said they would look into it but couldn't promise anything." Hemsworth revealed. "To me, to be home again for more than two weeks would be fantastic. And it worked out. It was so good."

That location had a pretty significant impact on Hemsworth, on top of a pretty easygoing - and improv-filled - shoot.

"It was so nice being there." Hemsworth explained. "There's just such a familiarity with the crew and everything here. And I get to sleep in my own bed. But I also think there's such wonderful talent here as well, in the cast and crew across the board. So it was fantastic. And the weather was brilliant. I don't think we got rained out at all. It's just been one of the best shoots I've been part of."

In particular, Hemsworth says that shooting in Brisbane proved to be a surprising experience, as the town locals were delighted by the arrival of the large Marvel production.

"Man, that was nuts." Hemsworth added. "I'd never seen that many people excited for a film crew. There were more people there than any premiere I've been to, and more excitement and buzz than any premiere event I've been to. The people of Brisbane were thrilled and packed in the streets to catch a look. The city sort of stopped for those couple of days. It was such a positive buzz, and we were all trying to get out there and sign autographs in between takes as much as we could. That was pretty special. It was great." got a chance to visit that Australian set late last year, which you can read all about here.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3rd.

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