Thor: Ragnarok's Working Title Is Creature Report


Ahead of this summer's filming in Australia, the working title for Thor: Ragnarok, the third solo film in the series, has been revealed. The movie will shoot as "Creature Report" as reported by a production newsletter. That also means pre-production has reached a new stage as it ramps up fro principal photography.

"Creature Reports" are a segment on the BBC animated children's program, Octonauts. They're musical numbers that give kids facts about animals, and they're amazing. It's also on the Australian Broadcasting Channel and distributed in the US by Disney Jr. Apparently someone on the production team must love the show. Activate Creature Report!

We doubt this means Thor is going to suddenly be spending all of his time underwater, but a key part of the Norse apocalypse story, known as Ragnarok, is the Midgard Serpent, often portrayed as a sea monster, so it could be a slight reference to that, as well.

Amazon's The Tick live-action reboot also got the working title of "Spoon," his battle cry form the comics and shows before this one, in the report.


Thor: Ragnarok begins filming this summer for a November 3, 2017 release.