Tom Holland Was Shooting Captain America: Civil War Just Four Days After Landing Spider-Man Role

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe was already a dominant force in the entertainment industry in 2015, it took things to an even higher level by striking a deal with Sony to allow Spider-Man, one of the most popular characters in comic book history, to participate in the connected franchise. There was a frenzy around the announcement, with every fan wondering who would get the role, and if there was enough time to cast someone and squeeze them into Captain America: Civil War. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios pulled off the impossible, and young actor Tom Holland was handed the role in the middle of production on his debut film.

It seemed like an incredibly quick turnaround, from the casting announcement to the shooting of the film, and that's because it was. Unlike most other big-time superhero stars, Holland didn't have time to prepare for the role or help influence a franchise. According to the actor, he was on the set and in the Spider-Man costume just about four days after landing the part.

Holland appeared on an episode of the new Netflix series The Chef Show, from Iron Man director and MCU star Jon Favreau. The second episode of the series, which is titled "Avengers Atlanta," sees Holland sitting down for a meal with Favreau, chef Roy Choi, Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Feige, and Joe and Anthony Russo. The group talks about their Marvel memories and, when the subject of Holland's casting as Spider-Man comes up, Feige asks if he remembers how long it took before he was in front of cameras on the Civil War set.

"It was like four days or something like that," Holland says.

Most of the table reacts with a bit of disbelief, so Feige continues on to confirm Holland's words. He simply calls it the "fastest turnaround ever."

So to recap, a 19-year-old actor lands a career defining role in the biggest franchise in movie history, and is then flown out to film opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans just four days later.

How wild is that??


All episodes of The Chef Show are now streaming on Netflix.