Tom Holland Gets Truthful About His Spider-Man Future After No Way Home

The ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home seemed to set up Tom Holland's Peter Parker for an entirely new arc as the iconic Web-Slinger, taking the character back to his neighborhood roots. While the future for Holland's take on the character looks brighter than ever, the actor beneath the mask isn't exactly certain about what's next. What he is certain about, however, is that he'd be happy walking away from the character after No Way Home.

On Wednesday night, the official Spider-Man YouTube channel posted an interview with Holland and fellow Spider-Man stars Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. When asked about his next steps as Spidey, Holland laid out an honest answer.

"The truthful answer, and I've done a whole press tour where all I do is lie. The truth is, and you're not going to like the truth, I don't know the answer to that question," Holland explained. "This film for me was as special as an experience could ever be. Sharing the screen with these guys. Playing Spider-Man could be quite an alienating experience because, you know, we're the only three blokes who have done it. So, to share that with you two, it's been such a wonderful experience, of which I have such amazing memories. I don't know, there's part of me that feels like it's the perfect time to jump off the building and swing off into the sunset and let the next lucky young kid come in to don the suit, or I might, I don't know, buy a new house and need a paycheck and I'll be back."

While he see the end of No Way Home as potentially a great place to step away from Spider-Man, Holland went on to say that he's still not quite ready to say goodbye. If it's the end, he's okay with that, but he'd absolutely love to continue.

"I know I love this character, and I know that I am not ready to say goodbye," Holland said. "But if it's time for me to say goodbye, then I will do so proudly, knowing that I've achieved everything I wanted to with this character, and sharing it with these boys will be forever one of the most special experiences of my career. So, if it's time, it's time. If it's not, it's not, but at the moment, I don't know."

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