New 'Venom' Set Video Shows Scott Haze Taunting Tom Hardy

With filming underway on the first Spider-Man spinoff movie from Sony Pictures, fans are starting [...]

With filming underway on the first Spider-Man spinoff movie from Sony Pictures, fans are starting to learn more about the big-screen reboot of the symbiote in Venom.

A new video recently popped up from Backgrid, a celebrity news site, which shows Tom Hardy filming a scene with co-star Scott Haze, teasing at the dynamic of their roles. Check it out above!

In the video, Hardy's Eddie Brock lays on the ground while Haze's character stands over, taunting him. It appears that the two are adversaries, going back to those initial thoughts for Haze's character when he was first cast.

When Riz Ahmed joined the film, many assumed the fan-favorite Rogue One actor would be playing Cletus Kasady, AKA Carnage.

But new details indicate that Venom will be adapting the "Lethal Protector" storyline from the '90s, and that Ahmed will be playing the villainous leader of the Life Foundation named Carlton Drake. The Life Foundation is responsible for creating Venom's symbiote spawn Phage, Scream, Agony, Riot, and Lasher.

It's unclear if Carnage is in the film, and Haze could be playing any one of the symbiotes that were the result of the Life Foundation's experiments.

The comic book storyline took place in San Francisco and relies on some heavy involvement from Spider-Man, and though there are new rumors that the Wallcrawler played by Tom Holland will appear in the film, it will take some liberties to differentiate itself.

The filming locations seem to indicate it will take place in New York City, though it remains to be seen if the old Stark Tower will be shown in the skyline. But that's hardly important.

While fans might wonder how a Venom film can stand on its own without Spider-Man's heavy involvement, the character has been able to sustain enough interest to warrant his own series. But Venom also seems to be heading into darker territory seen in films such as Logan and Deadpool.

So long as the movie is entertaining and manages to build a good buzz, the film has every chance of being a box office success.

Venom premieres in theaters October 5.