'Venom's Head-Bite Scene Gets Hilarious in This 'Family Guy' Mashup

The trailer for Sony's Spider-Man spinoff Venom has gotten Marvel fans buzzing - some with genuine [...]

The trailer for Sony's Spider-Man spinoff Venom has gotten Marvel fans buzzing - some with genuine excitement for Venom's big-screen debut, and others with humorous mockery of what Venom is trying to be.

Today brings an example of the latter: take a look below to see what happens when you mashup Venom's infamous head-bite scene with little dialogue from Family Guy:

Hearing actor Mike Henry's dialogue as Bruce (or "Bruce the Performance Artist") mashed up with any number of movie scenes is nothing new - in fact, it probably deserves to be its own sub-set of memes. That said, it clearly works very well in the case of this Venom scene. Not only is it a funny spin on the dark sequence of vigilante justice that Venom carries out on a would-be mugger, it also is a sly little jab at the actual scene itself. Marvel fans have been already seized on Venom's "turd in the wind" reference (which is actually from the comics) and are spinning it out as meme-worthy moment of weirdness in Ruben Fleischer's anti-hero origin story.

For being a relatively low-key addition tot he crowded 2018 slate of superhero movies, Venom has been nonetheless stirring up hype in some unexpected ways. The first Venom trailer is the most viewed of the entire Spider-Man franchise, and the film has gotten some serious grass-roots social media boosts - mainly from having celebrities or even rival studios reacting to the footage that's been released, or Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie Brock / Venom.

Meanwhile, a lot of fans are excited to see this adaptation of the character, and how his world will be established. We know that the movie will introduce multiple symbiotes, including Riz Ahmed as Riot, and possibly the bigger tease of Woody Harrelson playing Carnage in the sequel. If Venom gets this first chapter right enough, there is indeed room for an entire franchise to spring up.

Venom will be in theaters on October 5th.