Marvel Reveals True Origin of Mystery Avenger Voyager

The true identity of Marvel's mysterious new Avenger has been revealed and it turns out she is not at all what she seems.

SPOILERS for Avengers #684 follow.

Voyager is a character who has been shrouded in mystery since before she ever appeared. It began back in Marvel Legacy #1 when Voyager's figure was mysteriously added to the statue of the founding Avengers at Avengers Mansion. The Avengers have all treated it like it was always that way.

Voyager finally appeared when Avengers: No Surrender began. Voyager had apparently been missing for some time, but finally returned and all of the current members of the Avengers either remembered her or had heard of her great exploits.

Voyager has been fighting alongside the Avengers since then during the current crisis, as the Lethal Legion and the Black Order continue to compete for control of the mysterious objects called Pyramoids.

Voyager's facade began to crack in the previous issue when the Avengers' faithful butler Jarvis – who had been comatose since the first issue of Avengers: No Surrender – was finally revived by Wasp and Beast. The alien affliction that had infected Jarvis' had specifically entered his memory center, allowing him to see through Voyager. As soon as he tells Wasp and Beast that she's not really an Avenger, they snap out of it too.

In this issue, Voyager teleports back to base with a Pyramoid, but the amount of effort it takes to do so taxes her. Her skin turns blue and she locks herself in a bunk in headquarters. That's when the truth about her origin is revealed to the reader. Voyager isn't an Avenger, she's the Grandmaster's daughter.

Voyager Grandmaster

Voyager has traveled across the galaxy with her father for generations, participating in his games. She's learned much from her father, including how to cheat. Grandmaster apparently sent her to Earth to manipulate the Avengers – supposedly neutral actors in Grandmaster's game with the Challenger – into favoring his side.

The Grandmaster planned ahead, giving his daughter powerful teleportation abilities and the ability to manipulate memories, which is how she was able to pass as a founding member of the Avengers. Now it seems that facade is fading.

Voyager's origin brings up many more questions. Who is her mother? What does the birth of a new Elder of the Universe – who were supposedly the last members of their race – mean for the balance of cosmic power in the Marvel Universe? Fans will have to wait for those answers in the coming weeks.

Avengers #684 is on sale now.


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