WandaVision Assembled Reveals Strange Look at Blue Vision That Will Scar You

WandaVision Assembled gave fans a super startling look at Vision in blue and people are still [...]

WandaVision Assembled gave fans a super startling look at Vision in blue and people are still trying to process the whole thing. The behind-the-scenes look at the entire Disney+ series. There were all kinds of little nuggets for the most dedicated fans. One of those wild nuggets was the fact that Paul Bethany's character actually had to be painted the opposite color to make things work in the throwback episodes to begin WadnaVision. The old-school cameras that bring that I Love Lucy-style world to life have a hard time with red makeup, so the makeup and hair team had to get creative. Elle Magazine talked to makeup department head Tricia Sawyer about the series and she said that the blue Vision thing threw all of them for a loop. But, he wasn't the only actor who had to contend with some pronounced changes on-set. (Check out @civiiswar's screenshots down below and follow them for more Marvel wildness.)

"Paul's makeup had to go from red to blue in order to show up in the right color," Sawyer explained. She also mentioned how delicate a task getting Elizabeth Olsen's makeup to give the desired effect was too.

"We really had to play with the colors," she added. "Even the foundation shades had to be a bit more pink because of the cameras and the harsh light. Lizzie's eye shadow was a robin's-egg blue, but it looks like a natural shade on camera. Her lips were light red but they looked more like a natural pink."

Using those older cameras and effects from past decades was of importance to the creative team. Jac Schaeffer talked to THR's TV Top 5 podcast about how sitcoms inspired the series.

"I think there's a lot that we have not spoken about that are enormous influences on the show because it would give too much away," Schaeffer said. "So I think that all of the sort of the golden age of sitcom — I mean there kind of is no golden era of sitcom, it's just every wonderful, delicious era of sitcom — all of those pieces are very obvious and will become more obvious as more of the episodes drop. But there's a lot that I'm looking forward to discussing in the future because the influences would a little bit give up the game."

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