WandaVision's Emma Caulfield Calls Buffy Connection a Coincidence

WandaVision is currently dropping new episodes on Disney+ every Friday, and the show features the return of some Marvel Cinematic Universe favorites as well as a couple of exciting first-timers. One person who made their MCU debut in the new series is Emma Caulfield, who is best known for playing Anya Jenkins on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Throughout Buffy's run, there was an ongoing joke about Anya being afraid of bunnies, which means many people assumed the rabbit featured in the second episode of WandaVision was a nod to her former character. Recently, ComicBook.com had a chance to chat with Caulfield, and she revealed the connection was just a coincidence.

"Total coincidence, man," Caulfield explained. "Meant nothing. Everyone's like, 'That was the plan.' I'm like, 'I don't think it was, Jac [Schaeffer], I think would have told me.' I just actually texted her a few minutes ago. I'm like, 'I'm getting asked this a lot and I didn't catch it so, did you do this on purpose? Like, was this like an intentional throwback?' Because yeah, I had, as far as I know, that was not intended, but she would be the one to answer this."

Well, there you have it! Unless WandaVision's head writer kept that information from Caulfield, it sounds like the bunny connection was not done on purpose. We definitely think Schaeffer would have let Caulfield in on the joke considering their history. Schaeffer wrote and directed the movie Timer, which Caulfield starred in back in 2009. In fact, we asked Caulfield if their previous project was how she got involved with WandaVision.

"Yeah, we wanted to work together since then. We just never got a chance to do it. And I absolutely worship her. We were friends, you know, we just became close from the time that we worked together and it just really worked out and she, you know she just called me, I was like doing laundry. 'So, you know, pumpkin, I just want to know if you want to come play on my show,' and I'm like, 'Absolutely.' She's like, 'Well I can't tell you really anything about it. You just need to go and meet Kevin Feige and just be your impressive self. And then, you know, he says it's okay, then you can play.' That was just it. I just went, and it was like the next day or two days I got the call and then I was in Atlanta. It was very quick, there were no big hoops."

Stay tuned for more from our interview with Caulfield, which you can watch at the top of the page.


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