WandaVision: Major House Of M Detail Explains Reality Changes

The House of M theories in WandaVision are getting stronger and stronger foundations to stand on with each new episode of Marvel's first Disney+ series. In short, House of M is a comic story in which the Scarlet Witch loses control of her powers while intending to exist in a reality where she can live happily ever after with her kids. She ultimately forces such an alternate reality upon the entire universe with only "awakened" heroes remembering the original, real reality. In the latest episode of WandaVision, the term "awakened," was used, which is the latest indication of a House of M-like story coming to the MCU.

At the SWORD base set up outside of the Wanda-manipulated town of Westview, Jimmy Woo and team investigative team put together notes of their observations regarding each of the characters in the WandaVision sitcom and their true selves. On the notes for Norm, real name Abilash Tandon, the word "awakened" was used to describe a moment when he broke out of the WandaVision character and remembered his real life. The Phase Zero podcast thoroughly explored this detail and what it means.

"I love talking about the House of M stuff and I think there was a detail, if you look very closely at, it was Abilash Tandon," I pointed out on Phase Zero's third episode. "In the details that they've monitored, which I'm guessing they've seen a few things that we haven't, they said Vision 'awakened' him, which I'm assuming is a reference to when these characters drop character and become their real selves. Isn't that the term used in House of M when people remember the reality, they become 'awakened'? They start to realize that everything that Wanda created is a fake reality where everybody got what they wanted and they have to do everything they can, even if that means sacrificing this world that they thought they were living in happily, where they've been tricked to believe that they've been living in happily, they are awakened and they have to go fight to get their world back."

(Photo: WandaVision / Disney+)

This is hardly the first big indication that WandaVision is setting up the MCU's version of an alternate reality like the one seen in House of M. The commonly known detail is the wine bottle label referencing the comic title but an earlier piece of the puzzle came from looking at the release schedule and settings within the upcoming Marvel Studios titles.

"This show could all be the first issue of House of M," Phase Zero's previous episode heard me babble. "We know it leads into Spider-Man 3 and it leads into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So, I'm about to put the tinfoil hat on. I'm about to go deep cut details here. I think that this could end with Wanda, essentially, losing control of her powers, everything becomes this alternate reality. With the cliffhanger is what happened to that reality."

"Black Widow is set before WandaVision. I believe Shang-Chi is going to be set during The Blip. The Eternals is set before, maybe after, but definitely heavily before WandaVision. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was originally supposed to come out before WandaVision. Loki is set before WandaVision. All of these things, what if it's in alternate, not-happening real world? All of these things are not impacted by the outcome of WandaVision," I explained. "The first thing that's guaranteed to be set after WandaVision is Spider-Man 3 and we know that's all sorts of crazy multiverse. Then, it's all going to get set straight in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So, I do think WandaVision is going to end with the alternate reality consuming all of reality, and the multiverse being blown wide open."

This would explain why the SWORD agent in the hazmat suit was turned into a beekeeper and his harness became a jump rope. Wanda (or, maybe something else) is controlling everything within reach to make it a more pleasant reality within the reality-manipulated town.


Do you think WandaVision is slowly building towards a House of M-like alternate reality being cast upon the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!

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