WandaVision: Kat Dennings Doesn't Know If She Is In Thor 4 Yet

Kat Dennings made a very long awaited return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when she reprised the role of Darcy Lewis for WandaVision. She debuted in the part in the 2011 Thor movie and played the part again in 2013's Thor: The Dark World. Since then, Dennings has been sidelined from Marvel Studios projects. Eight years later, Darcy is back and better than ever. The character has been summoned to the anomaly in Westview on WandaVision. Will she go on to play the part in the next chapter of the Thor franchise? Well, according to Dennings, the answer is no -- for now.

Dennings talked with ComicBook.com during a press event following her WandaVision debut where she was asked if she will be a part of Thor: Love and Thunder (which recently began a production which includes the Guardians of the Galaxy cast members). "I don't know. I still don't know," Dennings said. "You know, of course anything Marvel wants of me the answer is always, 'Yes.'"

At a glance, Dennings having a role in Thor: Love and Thunder is a bit tricky to fit into the vague puzzle. The film will clearly be taking its cosmic side very seriously, diving into a villain from the mythic cosmos in the form of Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher. However, the film is also set to have Natalie Portman take on the role of Thor, so the crew might need to head to Earth -- if only momentarily -- to have a collision course with Portman's Jane Foster.

For now, fans can look forward to more Darcy Lewis in the coming episodes of WandaVision, which should leave minds fairly blown if Dennings' reaction to the stories is any indication. "I was shocked to get the episodes. We read through them. We did table reads like a regular show," Dennings explains. "So I had all the scripts and I was as shocked as you are. But there was a time in the filming where I did do that. I separated my stuff out just because sheer volume of things to take to work in the morning anyway, you know, you can't leave your script pages in your hotel room. That's another no-no for Marvel. So you have to take everything to work. Which is smart. So yeah, I just did my lines after a while and anything Darcy knew, and then I forgot about the rest of it, only because it helps me not be burdened with too many secrets here talking to you in the future."

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