Did Paul Bettany Accidentally Spoil WandaVision?

Having seen the first 3 episodes of Marvel's WandaVision, I think the show is nothing short of fantastic. It's a bit slower than you might be expecting but it is still very entertaining and, honestly, very mysterious. There are a lot of questions including, really, what the heck is going on here? Well, I think Paul Bettany might have given a little bit of credibility to one of my favorite theories in that regard during an interview with ComicBook.com. There's a possibility this is so accurate that some would consider is a spoiler but there is, of course, a chance that it is way off the mark.

So, here’s my theory: After Vision was killed by Wanda and then permanently killed by Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, his lifeless synthezoid body was just plopped on the ground in the woods of Wakanda like an unplugged toaster. Now, keep in mind, upright and talking or lifeless and left on the ground, this body is valuable. It’s made of Vibranium and it has an A.I. tech system designed by Tony Stark and Ultron. You’re not going to find that just anywhere so they definitely didn’t just leave Vision’s body in the woods or bury it.

No, I think somebody got a hold of Vision’s body. You’d like to think somebody wanted to find a way to hit the reboot button and get that giant USB stick back on his feet but I think they might just be interested in what made him work or how to make another, whether that means weaponizing a new Vision or simply creating another to join the Avengers. In either case, Wanda could get his body out of wanting to revive him herself or could be the only one capable of making Vision’s body function.

Stay with me here. In the MCU, Wanda got her powers from the Mind Stone back when Wolfgang von Strucker was experimenting on her and Pietro in the post-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and beginning of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Mind Stone went on to essentially power the Vision. Wanda could use her powers to put the powers of the Mind Stone back into Vision’s body and temporarily bring him back, right? Maybe. Or, what if she is using her telepathic like skills that we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron when she manipulated Tony Stark’s min and she is basically creating a world inside of or through Vision, which others can only see if they plug an HDMI cord into one of his sockets - thus, creating the sitcom of it all.

It’s a crazy theory right? Well, here's what Paul Bettany said about Vision's body: "Well, I know what happened to Vision's body and you're all very soon gonna know what happened to Vision's body," the actor said. "Jac Shaffer, the writer, has written a very intricate, elegant puzzle box and every week people are going to be, all the fans are going to be able to peel back another layer and in the end, it is not an arbitrary decision to sets it in sitcoms. So that's for sure. It will all make sense and there will be out of all of this mad insane confusion that you're seeing in the trailers, all will be explained and revealed."

Maybe we're looking too far into this but it's fun to think about, regardless. That's why they're giving us episodes on a weekly basis, after all. The conversation.

If Paul knows what happened to Vision’s body and we’re all going to find out soon, that would definitely mean the answer is coming in WandaVision and Wanda Maxinoff either picked that body up and hauled her little scarlet self out of a SWORD facility with it or she is creating WandaVision inside of Vision’s body and not allowing anyone else in or out! That.. would… that would kind make Wanda a villain, though, right? ""She had posed a threat that's how she started with her anger towards Stark and she had you know, she started as that rebel and then she realized that the power she was fighting for wasn't the actual good and so that's why she became who she is," Olsen said in a separate interview with ComicBook.com. "And whatever fighting for good means evolves over time I guess but I think she found the Avengers to be the side of good."


What do you think? Did my theory blow your Mind Stone? Let me know what you think in the comments or hit me up on Instagram.

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