WandaVision Could Include Fan-Favorite Character From Tom King's Vision Run

It's been said time and time again WandaVision will be inspired in part by Tom King's award-winning The Vision run from a few years ago. That much has now been confirmed by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige himself, who recently confirmed a fan-favorite character from the run could be ending up in the show. In an interview after his major CCXP panel Saturday afternoon, Feige confirmed fans might end up seeing the lovable Sparky the Dog at some point during the live-action Disney+ series.

"Partially, yes," Feige confirmed of using King's run as inspiration. "There were some beautiful covers to that with him in the suburbs which had a lot of inspiration. If you know that comic, you might meet Sparky the Dog at a certain point in the series. But it's only just inspired by that series, but goes on a different direction, based on where we are after Endgame with the MCU."

As we've seen in the first still photograph released from the production of WandaVision, the series will in part pay homage to sitcoms of the past, though it's unclear how the story will unfold. Series star Elizabeth Olsen previously revealed her costar Paul Bettany had jokingly planted the seed of the two starring in a sitcom together based on the heroes they play in the MCU.

"That's what's so funny, is Paul planted this idea before Disney was launching their own platform. I think it was just funny to him to think of us as doing a domestic sitcom, and somehow whatever he planted, he planted the seed and now we're actually doing something," Olsen said, "And it's gonna be very different than what Paul would joke about, but I'm sure a lot of super-fans of the comics could have their own ideas of maybe what it could be. So I'm very excited."

WandaVision is expected to hit Disney+ Spring 2021.


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