WandaVision Star Shoots Down Season 2 Hopes: "It's Definitely a Limited Series"

WandaVision’s Elizabeth Olsen talked about the prospect of a Season 2. But, she thinks that the ship has sailed and the project will live on as a Limited Series. Kaley Cuoco talked to the Marvel actress about the possibility of more episodes during a conversation with Variety. The WandaVision star doesn’t seem to believe there will be more. But, you can never really count out the machinations of the MCU. (Or if that same Multiverse might plunge into Madness at some time in the near future.) “No, it’s definitely a limited series,” Olsen shared. “I mean, I’m saying that. I don’t know. With Marvel, you can never say no. Do people die? You know?” So, it sounds like that’s about over, but we’ll all have the memories of being confused by the show in the early run.

Earlier this year, SciFiNow+ talked to Kevin Feige about the end of WandaVision. Of course, they drifted toward what was next for the MCU. The executive wasn’t quite willing to slam the door.

"We are developing all of these shows the way we’re developing our movies," he told the outlet. "In other words, when we start with a movie, we hope there’s a part two; we hope there’s a part three. But we aren’t factoring that into part one. We are trying to make something that hooks people enough and that people enjoy enough and want to revisit enough, that they want to see the story continue. So that is the way we’re proceeding on television as well."

But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that WandaVision was a revelation for so many. Loki has been rumored for a second season since before the first trailer dropped. The Marvel head man did leave the door open a bit.


Feige continued, "I’ve been at Marvel for too long to say a definite no or definite yes to anything in regards to your question about another season of WandaVision but some of the shows that we’re about to start filming, we are keeping in mind a structure that would lead into a Season Two and a Season Three in a more direct way than, say, a show like WandaVision which clearly goes into a feature. But it is new. That’s part of the fun, exciting, adrenaline-boosting creativity that we’re able to do, thanks to Disney+, and really to figure out new ways of storytelling. Perhaps someday we’ll chart out five seasons of a show, but really we’re focusing on delivering the best seasons we can one at a time so far."

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