Watch Chris Pratt Perform An Amazing Magic Trick

Did you know Christ Pratt also does magic? Neither did anyone else, but he floored everyone with a magic trick on Graham Norton.

Pratt appeared on Norton's popular talk show alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Will. i. am. Norton pulled out some playing cards after hearing Pratt knows a magic trick or two, and Pratt managed to deliver.

"Here we go," Pratt said. "Now it's been awhile, so if we screw this up, you'll cut it out. Yea, this is a whole new deck. I haven't seen this deck, you haven't seen this deck, you haven't shown me this deck, you know, this is a deck of cards. Captivated yet? Okay, so I'm going to shuffle these cards. I also played a magician in the Magnificent Seven so I got to practice a little bit there."

After Will. i. am stepped up as a volunteer, he revealed the name of the trick is Burn Em, which he says works 50% of the time." With some additional flourishes, he made three piles, which he asked Will I Am to pick up two cards from the middle deck and place them face up on either side of that deck.

Will I Am then drew the top card from the middle deck and showed it to the audience, which was an Ace of Hearts. After committing it to memory Will I Am then placed it inside the middle pile in a spot of his choosing.

Now Prat takes both cards that are faceup on either side (two fours) and places one on the bottom of the middle deck and one on the top. Will. i. am's card is somewhere in the middle of the deck, but then Pratt puts that whole deck between the other two decks and has Will I Am shuffle it completely four times.

So the rule of thumb with the game is Pratt gets four chances to find the card, and after each wrong guess he has to "burn it", knocking it out of the pile. He then proceeds to pick the wrong card all four times and then tries a few more times from the burned deck on the table.


Everyone's laughing (he did say it only worked 50% of the time) until Pratt gives him the leftover deck and puts it in Will. i. am's hand. He then has him grab his hand and when they let go he knocks all of the cards out of Will. i. am's hand save for one. That last card is the Ace of Hearts, shocking just about everyone.

So if you see some magic in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 you'll know why. You can see the entire sequence in the video above.