Why A Deadpool Movie Is A Bad Idea

Now that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a certified box office hit, despite mixed critical reviews, talk has quickly moved to a spin-off film, using Deadpool as the central character and focus. Ryan Reynolds has reportedly already signed on to reprise his role of Wade Wilson, the merc with a mouth, from Wolverine.

There are several reasons why the words above should never exist in their current order. One primary reason is his use in the Wolverine film. Given the amount of hype surrounding his big screen debut, Deadpool is only on screen, in fully realized Ryan Reynolds form, for perhaps ten minutes total. As the mouthless killer at the end, he has a few more scenes, although the name Deadpool in this case is used as a term for the "pool" of mutant powers he now possesses as a killing machine.

How would an origin story go about fully developing and capitalizing upon the sarcastic character seen in the early parts of the film when the outcome of his character is revealed at the end?

Another key reason a Deadpool movie would not work would be the characters associated with him. If Marvel's going to feature Deadpool in his own movie, then they're going to have to consider bringing in characters such as Cable, a character not generally in the immediate tier of characters the general public thinks of when they think of X-Men major characters. Even Deadpool himself is not in most non-comics readers' general recall of the X-universe. How do you get people to the theater and plunk down $10 to see a film about satellite characters, perhaps like Gideon and Mr. Sinister, that, as non-comics fans, they may not have heard of?

This last point could also be hampered by the overall mixed reviews Wolverine has received. Despite the fact that this film has become a money maker, will people go see a spin-off of a prequel that wasn't widely received as that good by all accounts, critics and movie-goers alike?


Consider the star as well. Unlike Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds hasn't really been given many films to anchor, at least any of any merit; Van Wilder and Waiting spring to mind. Jackman has proven himself as a bankable and convincing star, Van Helsing notwithstanding. His credibility as Wolverine in three previous X-Men films is what prompted the prequel in the first place. How can Deadpool's meager minutes onscreen, with a mostly second-fiddle actor, justify a film?

Marvel would do well to mull over their thoughts for a Deadpool-centric movie. With projects such as Thor, The Avengers, Captain America, and a sequel to Iron Man already in the developmental or production stages, can potentially millions be thrown behind this shaky of a project? Signs would point to no, unless this film were to be targeted to a niche audience of Deadpool or dedicated X-Men fans.