Marvel Debuts New SHIELD Costume for Wolverine and She-Hulk

The Human Torch and the Thing are out looking for Reed and Sue Richards, but they found something else interesting along the way.

SPOILERS for Marvel Two-in-One #4 follow.

Today’s issue of Marvel Two-in-One sees Johnny and Ben making for the multiverse in the hopes of reuniting the Fantastic Four. They end up in a universe where they find Reed – not their Reed, but a Reed – but the Thing of that universe had died, causing that universe’s timeline to diverge.

One of the ways this universe differs is that it has some pretty top-notch agents of SHIELD, including She-Hulk and Wolverine. The SHIELD job comes with some pretty nice looking costumes, designed by Marvel Two-in-One artist Valerio Schiti. Take a look below:

Wolverine She-Hulk SHIELD Designs
(Photo: Valerio Schiti)

Schiti also designed the brand new Fantastic Four costumes that Johnny and Ben wear for the first time in this issue.

Marvel Two-in-One is the closest thing to a Fantastic Four series that Marvel has published in years. When Marvel Two-in-One launched, spoke to Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort about what it means for the Fantastic Four’s future.

“Well, make no bones about it, while this may say Marvel Two-In-One on the package, this is really a Fantastic Four book, in spirit as well as content,” Brevoort said. “So yes, it’s definitely a series that’s about that missing element that people have been longing for within the Marvel Universe. In a very real sense, Johnny and Ben’s feelings about their seemingly-departed family echo the feelings of the audience all these months. And the fact that, even though Ben thinks he’s lying to Johnny we know that he’s accidentally on the right track means that there’s every possibility that our terrific two might inadvertently stumble over the breadcrumbs that will lead them and the rest of the Marvel Universe towards the reunion that everyone has been waiting for!”

There’s reason to believe that reunion may take place as soon as the sixth issue of this series.

Marvel Two-in-One #4 is on sale now.


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