Wolverine Vs Hulk Art Gives Fans A Look A What Logan Could've Been

Anticipation is building for Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine, which takes significant [...]

Anticipation is building for Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine, which takes significant cues from the popular Old Man Logan storyline seen in the comics. As fans have seen in the debut trailer, though, there will be vast differences in Logan's narrative compared to the original.

The biggest differences involve the absence of other popular Marvel characters. For those who read the original, you know that Logan's world is a rather barren place, and is completely devoid of heroes. After the heroes fell from a united effort from their enemies, there are only a few scattered amongst the populace. Even for the survivors, though, life has changed in a major way.

Logan happens to be one of the few left, but unfortunately for him and his family, the Hulk survived as well. You would typically think that's a good thing, but this Hulk is much different than the Avenger many are familiar with. This Hulk has spawned a variety of Hulklings, who keep hold of their territory in rather brutal ways. A passive Logan comes into conflict with the Hulk and his gang after they push him too far, and, well, they pay the price for it.

Artist George Evangelista brought this moment to vivid life in a new cinematic inspired piece, which he released on his Twitter account. You can see a Hugh Jackman inspired Logan lunching at a bearded and rough looking Hulk, who also happens to bear a resemblance to Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo.

I finished this today. Watched the #LoganMovie trailer a few times while creating this. #OldManLogan #Hulk #MarvelComics #MCU #Wolverine

Due to license restrictions, this battle won't be depicted in James Mangold's Logan, and other significant parts of the book, like the involvement of Hawkeye and The Red Skull, will also be left by the wayside. Still, this is a fantastic peek at what might have been. You can follow more of Evangelista's work on his Facebook page.

Logan takes place in the year 2024, where mutant births have become extremely rare. The defenders of mutantkind, the X-Men, are long gone, and the only remains of them are an old and struggling Charles Xavier and a weary Logan. Logan's vaunted healing factor has slowed, and at times doesn't seem to work at all. When a young mutant needs his help, Logan has to unsheathe his claws once more. His job isn't over yet.

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Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.